Activities we offer

Canoe Slalom

Our club specialises in the sport of canoe slalom. It is a fast-paced exciting sport that involves negotiating through hanging poles (gates) on a section of river. Starting out on flat or barely moving rivers, paddlers will gain the skills, confidence, fitness and strength to compete on more challenging (and more exciting!) whitewater. This is a magical sport that changes lives. It has certainly transformed ours in ways we could never have imagined.

Our club proudly has paddlers competing on GB teams and at Senior World Championship level to the youngest of paddlers just starting out in division 4. Under the watchful gaze of ex-British Team coaches, we are a club that can help any dream come true from Olympic dreams to goals of rolling for the first time.

“Five stars and lots of fun, apart from when it is cold…but I love being upside down”

Brodan, aged 12

Open canoeing

Open canoes are bigger boats that are not enclosed like canoe slalom boats are. We have a variety of open canoes at our club. Many of the parents of paddlers and older or younger siblings love paddling the open canoes. These provide more stability for a bit of a leisurely paddle. We love a club family BBQ and river trip when absolutely every boat in the club is out on the river!

“Insert quote from a parent”


SUPing (Stand Up Paddle-Boarding)

SUPing is a relatively new sport that is taking the World by storm. Inflatable ‘surf boards’ are stood on with a long single bladed paddle. These are a great way to get outdoors and enjoy being on the water (even if it just for a sunbathe in the elusive Scottish sun). We are proudly growing the SUP contingent of our club.

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