Summer France trip

Every year lots of our club members head to France

This is always a week or so of sun, canoeing, learning and silliness. It is most certainly one of the highlights of the club calendar!

Being in the sun and padding on whitewater is a fantastic learning environment. Older, more experienced paddlers often come along as coaches to give their experitise and watch the young paddlers transform in the space of a week. It is not just hard training though! There is a daily prize-giving where “Wazzoc of the day”, “Swimmer of the day” and “Most improved” are given out! There has also been a kangaroo court run with a real judge…along with the famous head-to-head race down the river where Head Coach and over 60 Jane takes great pleasure in beating some of the boys. This is not a trip to be missed!

Maybe what we love most about these trips is camping with all the families and chatting as the warm sun sets on our incredible club family.

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